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Trumpet Social Media

Lift your brand’s performance in social media marketing. Select new profitability measures. Optimize and advertise.

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Founded in 2011, Trumpet Social Media produces top-performing, strategic social media marketing campaigns and management services for a wide range of companies and organizations.


Dedicated to achieving clients’ marketing goals in today’s highly competitive digital marketplace, the firm’s proven social media marketing model is structured to utilize Inbound Marketing, At the core of this model is an innovative alignment of powerful social platforms that reaches new heights of social influence for companies and their brands.

Trumpet Social Media has achieved high success rates for its clients when applying Inbound Marketing. Considered the most effective social media marketing model in today’s digital marketplace, inbound marketing essentially means that your customers can find you easily. They “come in”, to you, and are attracted to your social sphere, one that we build and customize for you on social media. See our process:

Mission Statement: Develop powerful social influencer networks of brand ambassadors who form a robust online market to sell clients’ brands.


Trumpet Social Media serves clients in Arizona, Illinois, Florida, Texas, and California. Our virtual teams are located throughout the United States.