Our lifestyle clients often require our firm to cover events that happen to be perfect for utilizing social media to convey the feeling and experience about their brand.  

The love of your brand comes easily among your brand followers when they can read, like, and share posts (your posts and theirs) on Facebook, Instagram and other platforms, about the event they’ve been to, or have heard about. They "share the love" as the saying goes. Viral threads of comments often occur among friends who care about your brand. We utilize these "user-generated posts" through a system of reposting, retweeting, and sharing.

Marketing goal achievement: We exponentially extend your social reach by engaging with your current, new and future brand lovers.

Here's how our event coverage works: Our social media marketing team carefully develops a strategic action plan starting with advance teaser campaigns with powerful relevant content on a spread of social platforms and sizzle videos. Following it up with anticipation teasers and launch series of posts, we plan the Launch Day on social media. On opening day and following days of the event, we take pictures and post original content as we roam an event, and post them on Instagram, Facebook ,Twitter and Pinterest. We also do Facebook Live, Instagram Live, and Twitter Live sessions whereby we can gain high traction, followers, and wide-scale impressions. We add hashtag topics, calls to action, and your selected website landing pages for direct and immediate exposure to your sales funnels. We strive to post in real time, for great moments, or asap after, then monitor engagement and energize it across selected platforms including the use of finding and posting  user-generated fan posts. Results are heightened awareness of, and impulse to buy, your product or services. Metrics, analytics, and ROI can be researched and reported for client also, when requested.

To lift your brand’s performance via event coverage in social media marketing, contact: Carol Blomstrand, CEO, Trumpet Social Media.

carol@trumpetsocialmedia.com Direct: 520-369-1223 

Press Releases and informational files for upcoming events and social media coverage by Trumpet Social Media:

MISTER BING'S SUPPER CLUB Press Release / Gunhild Carling in Concert, Sunday, September 30 at Skyline Country Club, Tucson, Arizona

MENU for Mister Bing's Supper Club / Gunhild Carling in Concert, Sept 30.

FILM FEST TUCSON Press Release for Film Fest Tucson Oct 11 - 13

FILM FEST TUCSON 2018 Preview Article in Biz Tucson / Fall

GIFT HORSE TUCSON Presents Inaugural "Horse Heal Community Event".